A Canadian Martial Art with a focus on Self-Protection

Does NOT require a previous training background or athleticism
For the general public. Ages 12 to seniors. 
Can be learned by smaller male and females
Physical disabilities can be accommodated.  Contact us to consult. 

Learning IMMEDIATE Self-Protection Skills:
There are a large percentage of folks... young and old ....who have interest in learning "martial" skills out of a sincere interest to develop a practical self-protection skill set.  Many participate in various traditional martial arts hoping for this outcome... but are disappointed with the results.  The spirit and soul historically behind Canadian fighting methods has ALWAYS been protection and an ability to use force skillfully when required.

Learning Self-Protection skills:
Is the first skill set learned and become a default to all other applications of martial skill.
Psychological or "soft" skills:  Situational awareness, reading your environment, prevention strategies from assault to bullying
Verbal skills: Basic de escalation strategies
Canadian Legal Self-Protection and Use of Force framework
Understanding the bodies stress experiences during conflict
Simple and retainable physical skills to defend and extract from a physical assault of various levels of force