A Canadian heritage of Dynamic Control Tactics...

Every Canadian combatives methodology developed had a strong element of control tactics within its structure.  The ability to control a subject bringing them under compliance to either take them to the ground or escort them to a desired location or position.  In a practical sense... our Canadian pioneers observed Eastern circular Jiu-Jitsu style techniques and concepts and developed a linear approach to achieve the immediate effect without a complicated entry.  Thus was the birth of much of Canada's original self-defence and Policing defensive tactics. 

Learning Dynamic Subject Control Tactics: 
Arm bars and Limb Locks
Wrist manipulations and controls
Pressure Point applications
Take down techniques
Come Alongs or Escorts
Small Joint Manipulation:  Controlling a subject through fingers and small joints
Handshake Controls

Control tactics are always a secondary consideration to one's immediate safety but these skills can be learned and internalized with an immediate ability to disengage if necessary.